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Patch - July 04, 2021
2021-07-04 09:04 PM

*Changed blue limit to 12 on every item.

*Fixed job kills honor point.

*Fixed shipwreck collection quest.

*Reduced Medusa HP to 45m.

Patch - June 22, 2021
2021-06-22 09:36 PM

*Added 10 honor points to all job uniques.

*Added D10 immortal and astral, 50 silk scroll to item mall.

*Added STR/INT Medusa (Respawns 3 hours after death) rooms to the global portal next to hotan stable. (JOB REQUIRED) (Instant town on death).

*Astral is now changing the item plus to 6 instead of 7.

*Enabled Egy - A (Power) SOX quests and npcs.

*Increased D10 stones drop rate, EXP rates.

*Increased Egy A - B (normal) drop rate.

*Increased Arya Box rate to 1%.

*Reduced NPC thieves amount, 

*Reduced Reverse gold pirce.

*Removed Advanced Elixirs that was obtained from anywhere except Magic POP (Only from inventories not from items).

*Removed the 1% fee on silk scrolls.

*Removed Destroyer Rondo.

*Replaced the 104 monster on Samarkand by a level 103 one.

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